Three Dark Crowns – Review (spoiler free)

Fantasy, elemental magic, three queens to fight to the death so only one will be crowned: I was completely hooked by this premise! 

3 dark crowns


Kat, Arsinoe and Mira, triplet queens separated when they were toddlers, are being raised as a poisoner, a naturalist, and an elemental. I adored this concept and how each queen was flawed. Kat is meek and abused; Arsinoe is headstrong and stubborn; and Mirabella is precious and poised.

I love it when fantasy has a unique magic system as well and Three Dark Crowns undoubtedly pulled that off!! I can’t even pick a favourite?! I’d say elemental, because I’d love to wield fire and manipulate storms! But a poisoner queen whose people are immune to toxins and feast on poisoned food for every meal, that’s pretty badass. And naturalists have familiars, an animal counterpart that reflects the strength of their gift. So cool!

Even though the queens are the focus, the supporting characters influence a lot of the plot, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I love when side characters play significant roles, it adds to the story considerably! What I disliked (a LOT) though was Joseph’s character. He was the only one who couldn’t decide his place, he seemed like a plot victim. His role (I won’t say what aggravated me so much because it’s a spoiler) is why I knocked stars off my review. His character’s inconsistency was so frustrating; make a decision and stick to it! Also, while I’m discussing dislikes, I’ll briefly mention that the writing in this book was brief and of a “telling” nature. I don’t dislike writing that tells me what’s happening, I just disliked the lack of showing that was going on, or where the characters were. I had a sense of setting, but didn’t feel as immersed as I could’ve been in a fantasy book. That’s my biggest gripe with this book to be quite honest.

Other than that, the ending completely grabbed me and I was glued to the last 50 pages. Several things occurred that made me go “WHAT?” in the best way, so I am glad I finished this. It was worth getting to the end. Overall, it was an easy, plot-driven read and I’d definitely recommend if you’re trying to get into the fantasy genre.

Thank you to Pan Macmillan for sending this to me in exchange for a review!!

3 / 5 stars.