Fantastic Beasts – Review (spoiler free)

I am so delighted to review the Fantastic Beasts screenplay, thank you so much Hachette for sending it my way in exchange for an honest review!! I saw the film as soon as it was released and I absolutely adored it!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.35.47 am


Newt Scamander is a Magizoologist and he arrives in New York intending to briefly stop-over, his case bursting full of magical creatures. But his case is accidentally misplaced, his magical creatures escape, and it’s a race against the clock to contain them again before the No-Maj (non-magic) people realise and a war breaks out between No-Maj and Magical peoples.

So, as I previously said, I saw the film before I read this script. The visuals in my head definitely mirrored the film, but the direction and dialogue of the script neatly painted the images in my head again, so I feel that if I’d read this prior to the film I wouldn’t have been confused!

Also, if you’ve never read Harry Potter before (PLEASE DO), some magical terminology may have seemed a bit odd to you at first, like the words Apparate or Disapparate. But since they’re directions, and the characters literally appear and disappear, it’s easy to catch on.

That is one of the reasons I adored this screenplay. It mixed old knowledge, that us nostalgic fans loved, with new knowledge and new characters. The additions of Newt’s magical creatures were so new and amazing and I need a bestiary or something full of illustrations so that I get to know them off by heart!!

(Can you tell I’m obsessed…)

Honestly though, the fact that Fantastic Beasts didn’t have a similar prose to Harry Potter didn’t really matter to me. It was still character-building and fast-moving in its plot, which definitely kept my interest. You can still feel Rowling’s imagination on every page and I just adore how that magic seeps through!

All of the characters – Newt, Tina, Jacob, Queenie, Graves, Credence – were completely unique and compelling. ❤ I have already bought a pop funko of Newt, he sits confidently on my bookshelf with his case.

Seriously though, I did feel connected to the characters, I felt they were conveyed super well in their actions and dialogue! Plus I thoroughly enjoyed the twisted character of Credence and the plausible queer undertones.

I can’t wait to experience this franchise in the future!

5 / 5 stars!



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