Book Hauls


Yo! Welcome back!

“What the heck is the Project 5?” you ask? WELL.

I heard about it on Caz’s lovely booktube channel!

Basically, it’s a book buying challenge. You read 5 books before you’re allowed to buy 1. I know right? Terrifying. Especially for someone as addicted to bookmail as I am!!

This’ll definitely help get my TBR total down. I want my total to drop significantly, if possible to 50 books! To put it in perspective, at the moment I own over 300 unread books…


This is going to be so hard. I’ll do my best to stick to it. But I’ll say this now: review books don’t count towards my “bought” tally. But anything that I buy out of my own pocket, for myself, those count.

I’m not sure whether to include multiple copies of a book? Say, if I loved a review book, then bought the hardcover? It’s not adding to my TBR technically, so I don’t know! I’m not sure about duplicates!

I fail completely at book buying bans, but the Project 5 challenge lets me accumulate books, so I like it. It’s not a complete ban, plus it will really make me consider which bookish purchases future-me will be making!


I hope I can do this. Let’s get this TBR number down, starting in 2017. At the very least, I hope to shrink my monthly hauls considerably!



  1. I was thinking about doing this but I don’t know how well I’m going to go XD Hopefully I can do it, I have waaay to many books to read at the moment but new books are just so tempting 😀

    1. New books ARE so tempting! Aaahhh! It means I’ll just have to power read more so I can buy them! If you do it, keep me updated on your progress! I’ll certainly need the motivation. 😛

      1. I would be such a bad motivator XD I would be like well I bought 15 books so your splurge of 10 is good compared to me bahahahahaha no I’m going to try and be better and maybe just do a big birthday haul if I can resist buying to many books 🙂 Hopefully we can both get through our TBR’s!

      2. HAHAHAHA! That’s the greatest. :’D My birthday falls in May so if I can keep my hauls minimal until a birthday haul then I think I would’ve done quiet well! 😛 Here’s hoping we both get through our TBRs too!

      1. That would be super challenging. I almost always read at least 1 kindle book 1 physical book and an audiobook at the same time! I don’t think I could do it, I’ll be cheering you on though

      2. Well as long as you read 5 books you already own, you’re allowed to get 1 more of any format. So that’d be doable! You’d basically slay 3 books at a time so you’d nail it.

  2. My boyfriend thought I was crazy owning ten books I haven’t read. (The numbers have significantly slimmed now)! That said I wouldn’t exactly have anywhere to put 300 books!!😂

  3. Good luck! Think I might nab this 🙂
    I’m currently doing a “just finished jar” where every time I finish a book I put £1 in and then at the end of the year treat myself to BOOOOOKS. Great incentive as the more I read, the more I can buy later xD

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