Book Hauls


Yep. One December book haul clearly wasn’t enough.



Blood Song (trilogy) – by Anthony Ryan
This sounds like assassins, brutal training, and impending war. The premise is brilliant and it sounds like it’ll suck me in immediately. Glad I have the whole trilogy, no waiting for the next books to arrive!!! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.43.36 am

The Waking Fire – by Anthony Ryan
The defenders of the realm, the Blood-blessed, can control drakes. But the drake bloodline is weakening and war between peoples is inevitable. The myth of a legendary drake may be the difference in winning or losing. THIS SOUNDS SO COOL. Drakes, a quest, an impending war… give it to meee. 


Made You Up – by Francesca Zappia
This is a YA contemporary where the protagonist is schizophrenic. She fights a daily battle to determine what is reality and what is an illusion. Then she runs into Miles. This sounds like a “rite of passage” story/romance. I’m up for it. 

Girl in Pieces – by Kathryn Glasgow
This synopsis was pretty vague, but this does feature loss and cutting as self harm. I wrote my thesis on this topic so I’ve been hesitant to pick this up!! But hopefully I’ll like it. We shall see! 

There you have it. Six books. It could be worse, really. I surprisingly haven’t gone on a book buying binge with my Christmas money! (Yet.)

Have you read any of these? They’re an interesting mix of high fantasy and YA contemporary/sick-lit.

I cannot wait to read the books I own and diminish my TBR stack.

Bring it on 2017!


I also bought some nerdy things in a post-Christmas sale… I got seasons 1, 3 and 5 of Doctor Who and I am SO EXCITED! I haven’t kept up with the newer seasons, but I have been craving a rewatch and now I finally can!!

Okay, that’s it for now.

Woohoo! See you in my next post!!



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