Reading Wrap Ups


Hello everyone. 🙂

My reading wrap up for December is below!

Spoiler alert: I didn’t read 8 books. You can see my TBR here if you’re interested! I’m sad I didn’t get to the HP illustrated books. But I will eventually, that’s for sure!

I read 3 books and 1 screenplay this month! My thoughts are below.

1: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (screenplay) – by J K Rowling
I saw the movie, read the play, wrote a review here AND I LOVE IT. I have the Niffler pop vinyl sitting happily on my shelf alongside Newt Scamander himself! If you don’t know what this is about, it’s essentially the magical world in America during the 1920s, where the story follows Newt in his accidental adventure to recollect his beasts after they escape from his case.
5 / 5 stars 

2: The Diabolic – by S J Kincaid
So good! Sci-fi, young adult, court politics IN SPACE, genetically engineered protagonist named Nemesis. Who wouldn’t want to read this? Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also reviewed it here!
4 / 5 stars 

3: The Shadow of What Was Lost – by James Islington 
This hooked me on the basis that it would suit Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss fans, as the narrative was inspired by the Mistborn series. Additionally, this author is Australian, which further spurred me to pick this up! I have a non-spoiler review here!
3.75 / 5 stars 

4: Doctor Who: 12 Doctors of Christmas – by Jacqueline Rayner (et al.)
This gorgeous looking book (in the pic below) is made up of short stories, one for every Doctor, hence the 12 Doctors of Christmas! I rated each story individually on Goodreads as I updated my progress (naturally Ten is my favourite), but overall this collection was a little bit childish to begin with. The depth was evident in the final few stories though which I appreciated.
Overall rating: 3.5 / 5 stars 

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.40.33 am


I’m also hoping to get through volumes 2 & 3 of The Walking Dead comics, which I was gifted for Christmas! Those will be my last reads of 2016, I think!

If I can finish them, that means my Goodreads count will be at 121 read books, which I’m super proud of! My 2017 reading goal can be seen here, otherwise, thank you for reading!!

Happy New Year, see you in 2017!


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