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January TBR


Today’s post will cover my to be read list for January! I’m going away to the beach without internet for a few days, so if I don’t respond to you straight away that’s why!

If you missed it, I am doing a readathon from the 1st to the 15th of January! You can view the post here.


Since the readathon only lasts until mid-month, I thought I’d also list a few books that I’d like the option of picking up if I get through the readathon in one piece! The books are below!

1: A Darker Shade of Magic – by V E Schwab 

2: The Bone Season – by Samantha Shannon

3: The Natural Way of Things – by Charlotte Wood

4: Fight Like A Girl – by Clementine Ford

There’s one challenge I’m missing for the DA Readathon, which is below!
Reducto: smash that glass ceiling, read a book that empowers women from all different walks of life!
Thinking I could add Fight Like A Girl if I receive it in time! But not sure if I’ll feel like reading it, it really depends on my mood!

Or I could just scrap the five awesome books above in favour of the first book of the Mistborn trilogy, The Final Empire. Who knows!

I’m trying to be really open with my reading choices and not stick to TBR lists too much. I love having the option of reading a book! I don’t want to “not have time” to read something because I’ve already planned to pack my month full of books.

Let’s see what happens!

I’m also going back to full time work on January 9, which’ll no doubt slow my reading RIGHT DOWN. Not sure how many books I can squeeze in but I’ll surely do my best.

Hope you’re having an awesome reading month!

Do you have a TBR, or do you pick what you want as you go?



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