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So, I read a bunch of books in January. Thank you, full time job, for letting me have paid leave for the first time in my life!! Adulting!

I had Christmas, New Years and a bit of January off and I read a couple of things! Let me tell you about them. Woo!

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The Walking Dead (vol 2 & 3) – by Robert Kirkman
I read these two in the final two days of 2016, but I posted my wrap up before I’d finished them! They’re graphic, fast-moving, and intense. I keep comparing these (unintentionally) to the TV series and the comics are grittier and different, I love them. I gave volume two 4.5 stars, and volume three 4 stars. (I’m not a huge fan of the art style? But I do like the story.)

Akuma No Riddle (vol 1) – by Yun Kouga, Sunao Minakata 
A manga with the premise of a girl’s boarding school, assassins, and a f/f love interest… I was hooked just on assassins and everything else was a bonus. But unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this like I thought I would. The first half was just introductory and it felt a bit manic. The plot begun to kick in near the end, but the motivations weren’t clear… it was mysterious which I liked, but it didn’t drop enough breadcrumbs to hook me. I likely won’t be reading further than this volume.
3 / 5 stars 

A Torch Against the Night – by Sabaa Tahir 
Sequel to An Ember in the Ashes. This, to me, didn’t pick up until I was almost halfway through. Plus I predicted who was good/bad (but not the entire outcomes). I enjoyed this, PLUS the character progression was intriguing and brutal, at times! Looking forward to book 3, can’t wait to see what happens now.
4 / 5 stars 

Ida – by Alison Evans 
This was relatable, super diverse, and I’m just proud to have had the chance to read it. The time jumping was real, raw and made me anxious for Ida. Plus the representations of gender diversity in this are stunning. More of my non-spoiler thoughts in my review here!!
4 / 5 stars 

Lizard Radio – by Pat Schmatz 
This is an unusual but endearing story about fifteen-year-old Kivali who’s a non-binary character. Her adoptive mother Sheila is aromantic. So this was super diverse in its gender representation, which is awesome. But I didn’t click with it as much as I could’ve, as the language in it was a little bit… dazzling? The narrative was unique and edgy, Kivali (AKA: Lizard) was unusual, and the dystopian-esque setting was strange!
3 / 5 stars

A Quiet Kind of Thunder – by Sara Barnard
This book was beautiful and cute and I’d recommend it to anyone whether you love the contemporary genre or not! I have a spoiler free review here! The diversity in this book was excellent (a deaf love interest & selective mute main character) and I adored them, their friends, and their families. Add this to your TBR, you won’t be disappointed. Gah it was so cute!!!
5 / 5 stars

If I Was Your Girl – by Meredith Russo
This read like a YA contemporary, it was super accessible! And so educational, I learned a lot about Amanda’s development and confidence. (This is a book about a trans main character, if you weren’t already aware.) It was also adorable?! The characters were so supportive and unique, Amanda’s voice was honest and easily likeable, and I just thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would definitely recommend!
4 / 5 stars

Chew (vol 2) – by John Layman & Rob Guillory
The intrigue and perfectly timed humour continues to delight in this volume. I adore Tony Chu’s character so much! And the interspersed comedy is awesome. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of these, you should pick them up. I’ll link a synopsis of volume 1 here for you.
4.5 / 5 stars 

The Bone Season (book 1) – by Samantha Shannon
This was such a unique urban fantasy, I decided to write a review on it because this book is so popular! It’ll be spoiler free, you can read it here! The narrative focuses on Paige, who’s a clairvoyant dream-walker. She’s kidnapped by a secret society and forced to be a slave. She must survive, and escape, to return to the crime syndicate in Scion London.
4 / 5 stars

The Mime Order (book 2) – by Samantha Shannon
Started this straight after The Bone Season and I was enthralled. The world and language was already set up so this was way easier to immerse myself in than book 1 was. I was on the edge of my seat in the last half of the book, nothing seemed to be going right (but in the best way)! You can read my spoiler free review here!
5 / 5 stars 

Total read this month: 9
Total read overall: 9
Current Goodreads goal: 25

And that’s it, at least for January! I like the tally at the bottom of my wrap up, I think I’ll continue to do that at the bottoms of my hauls as well. It’s really good to keep track. And I plan on changing my Goodreads goal throughout the year, too!

How many books did you read this month? Do you read short books, or long books? Thanks for reading my post, see you next time!


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    1. Yes you do! It’s a bit of a slow burn so don’t expect fast paced until closer to the ending. And make sure you have book two ready to go straight after, as it picks up exactly where it leaves off!

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