Frostblood – Review (spoiler free)


Seventeen-year-old Ruby is a Fireblood who has concealed her powers of heat and flame from the cruel Frostblood ruling class her entire life. But when her mother is killed trying to protect her, and rebel Frostbloods demand her help to overthrow their bloodthirsty king, she agrees to come out of hiding, desperate to have her revenge.

Despite her unpredictable abilities, Ruby trains with the rebels and the infuriating—yet irresistible—Arcus, who seems to think of her as nothing more than a weapon. But before they can take action, Ruby is captured and forced to compete in the king’s tournaments that pit Fireblood prisoners against Frostblood champions. Now she has only one chance to destroy the maniacal ruler who has taken everything from her—and from the icy young man she has come to love.

captureTitle: Frostblood

Author: Elly Blake

Pages: 370

Genre: fantasy, young adult

Publisher: Hachette Australia
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My Thoughts

I was so lucky to win Frostblood in an instagram giveaway that Hachette hosted, so thank you so much! Eeee, I loved this book!

I was hooked on the first page of Frostblood. Ruby’s voice made an instant connection with me and her perspective was tough, fiery (heh) and exciting. She was also very realistic in her grief, recovery and training, which was refreshing. She didn’t harness her powers straight away, she wasn’t brilliant, she just tried her best over a period of time and scrambled towards success.

I loved how the plot was interwoven with Ruby’s overall development. I can’t say a lot without spoiling it, so I won’t, but just know that it was rather seamless! The pacing was also excellently done, too. This took place over MONTHS, where Ruby lost her mother, was imprisoned then broken out, and you could just see her character flourish when given the opportunity. Especially later, after her training.

THE FIRE AND ICE WAS SO GOOD! The fighting reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I ADORED! That said, the tone and fighting was still decidedly different, but I could imagine it in my head and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! If you haven’t seen Avatar and can’t draw a comparison to Frostblood in your head, just know that the fighting is spectacularly fast, intense and surprising!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.30.58 am

I also fell in love with Arcus… I didn’t expect to. He’s that typical male love interest that’s kind of frosty and mysterious. Except he was literally Frosty, which actually lended itself well to the narrative and his character grew so much – in the book and in my heart! His development, even though it was secondary to Ruby’s, was still significant and I really loved it. Both Arcus and Ruby have their own survival, their own motives, to drive them. So good!!

I will say that the reason I didn’t give Frostblood five stars was because it fell into a predictable YA fantasy mould, you can see the story arc unfolding. But honestly I didn’t mind? I just really enjoyed the characters, plot and world so much.

If you like a slow-burning romance, a strong female lead, and a heap of action (especially in the King’s tournaments near the end!), this is definitely the YA fantasy for you!! I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it, I flew through it, and am PUMPED for the sequel!

(I’m just hoping this doesn’t fall too hard into the “love triangle” territory, but we shall see!)


4.5 / 5 stars



13 thoughts on “Frostblood – Review (spoiler free)

    1. There’s a foundation of mildly hating each other, but they eventually lead to trust and terrifying events together, so that definitely strengthens any relationship! 😛

  1. YOUR COVER IS ALL THE PRETTTTTYYYYYY Just finished reading this and thinking I should just go ahead and grab the next one now and binge them together, great review Bec!

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