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So, us bookworms have the ongoing struggle of a giant to be read pile (or a “TBR” if you’re unfamiliar with the acronym). It’s not uncommon, we all suffer from the book-buying ailment.

As a result: we have unfinished book series often just sitting on our shelves. Waiting. Making us feel guilty. I’m going to share some of the books I haven’t read with you! Maybe that’ll give me a kick in the pants so I finally pick them up. Or maybe it won’t. Who knows!

The Young Elites – by Marie Lu
I still haven’t read The Rose Society OR The Midnight Star, despite loving The Young Elites when I read it last year! It’s a dystopian, young adult trilogy, focussing on Adelina who’s more anti-hero than heroine. It’s a dark fantasy with supernaturally gifted characters in it and I loved it.

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone – by Laini Taylor
I loved book 1 so much! This urban fantasy, young adult, trilogy is about Kaoru living in Prague but working for chimeras and collecting teeth so her boss/superior Brimstone can work his magic. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, I can’t even begin to summarise this series without giving anything away! And I haven’t read Dreams of Gods and Monsters, the final book. Just gonna hide now, okay bye.

The Enemy – by Charlie Higson
A zombie series! The second book, which I haven’t started yet, is The Dead. All the characters are younger than 16, because when you turn 16 the virus can take ahold of you. Adults will kill you, they’re infected. The first book was good, surprisingly gritty, and I’ve been told the series gets better as I continue. Sorry book 2, I have neglected you so. 

Steelheart – by Brandon Sanderson
I’m not a true Sanderson fan, I know. I LOVED STEELHEART SO MUCH. This book is a dystopian about David, a human, who’s trying to find Steelheart’s weakness and kill him as revenge for his father’s murder. Only catch is, Epics rule the city, and Epics all have Xmen-like powers because of an exploding star called Calamity. They’re also inherently evil. Firefight is book 2 and Calamity is book 3, I own them both, I need to get onto these!

Cinder – by Marissa Meyer
I’m sure all of you know this series. It can basically be summed up by the phrase “sci-fi fairytale retellings”. I’ve only read Cinder, but it was quite fun. I own the rest of the series now so I’ve just got to sit down and marathon it. Up next: Scarlet!

Okay yay! You’ve reached the end and haven’t eviscerated me! ❤

I feel so guilty that I have all of these unread books, but I know that enjoyment is waiting for me when I finally do pick them up!

Do you have any of the books I mentioned sitting on your shelf unread as well? Is there a series I should prioritise? Is there a series that I didn’t mention that you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments!



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