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My “To Be Read” Shelf

Brace yourselves.

Okay. Are you holding onto something?

Let’s go: I have 500 books. And most of them are unread. I’m just going to sit over here in denial and pretend everything’s fine.


PHEW now that’s out, let me share with you what they all are, because let’s face it I need a kick in the pants to read them all so let me know your faves in the comments!

I wrote them all into a notebook so I can cross them out as I read them. It’s surprisingly cathartic, I do recommend!

Here are the books on my rainbow “to be read” shelf. (I have more that aren’t specifically on that shelf but let’s just focus on the rainbow for now!)

There are so many hyped up books in here! Red Rising, A Darker Shade of Magic, Unwind, Girl in Pieces…! I’m honestly so excited to read all of these and I can’t see myself unhauling them unless I dislike them!

Such a small amount of orange books compared to the red ones!! Three of these are sequels to series so I don’t feel AS bad about having them unread…

There are a few sequels in here as well, oops. The Alchemist was recommended to me years ago by my driving instructor, fun fact! I tried reading it but couldn’t connect, so maybe a second go will yield a better result.

So many blue and purple books! There aren’t that many in here that I’ve had for 2+ years so at least that’s something?

We’re getting close to the end, I swear! I’m looking at my shelf as I compile this (mild regret, so many books) and we’re basically at the bottom shelf now. The end is in sight I promise!

This section is such an odd mix. Fiction and nonfiction, random books in series, adult, and young adult, horror and feminism. What even are my shelves, honestly.

A small collection of pink books. ❤ And next up is the last section of my rainbow shelf!!


Well, that’s basically all of my RAINBOW unread books. I have plenty more where that came from! (I’ve also lent out a bunch of books so there are definitely a few missing from this post!)

I hope you were horrified I hadn’t read a particular book, let me know what I NEED TO GET TO in the comments!

(Also this post doesn’t include my February book haul and onwards.)

This took me so long to do but I’m very glad I did it. Definitely expect more in the future!


25 thoughts on “My “To Be Read” Shelf

  1. You need to read Stardust! It’s fantastic. It’s one of the few books where I adore both the book and the film adaption even though the film makes quite a few changes.

    Also I recommend Graceling so that you can then read Fire which is my favourite of her books.

    1. I know *SOBS* KING’S CAGE! I’ve heard both Simon vs and Wonder are short and quick, so they’re definitely on my “read soon” radar! Just got to be in the mood for contemporaries, eheh!

  2. I’m not exactly surprised to see that we share a number of books. Some of them I’ve read, but some are on my own TBR list.

    I loved ‘Carry On’ and ‘Fangirl’. I bought ‘Fangirl’ for myself because, you know, I am one. Like, Grade A, gold star fangirl right here and I am not ashamed. And then I got ‘Carry On’ a couple of Christmases ago and basically read it in one sitting.

    I also loved ‘Binge’ by Tyler Oakley. That was a surprise for me. I picked it up because I’m a YouTube junkie and because Tyler is pretty funny. But I didn’t expect to love that one so much. The mix of humour and honesty really worked for me.

    And you’ve basically got all the Richelle Mead Bloodstone books here, too. I got most of the way through ‘The Fiery Heart’ and then put it down and never picked it up again. Which was disappointing and I’d like to try it again, but I’ll have to go back and read all the other books first because I don’t remember enough to just start from Book 4.

    Also, can I just say how cool it is that you organise your books by colour? That’s so awesome. And so aesthetically pleasing.

    1. YAS the colour shelf makes my unread books seem less intimidating hehe! And oh yes, I know you’re a youtube junkie, hehe. I’ve heard that about Binge as well, that it’s honest and funny!
      I honestly don’t know if I’ll like Bloodlines, but I’ve managed to acquire essentially the whole series so I’m definitely going to give them a go. I loved Vampire Academy back in the day so why not! I saw Rainbow Rowell talk at Melbourne Writer’s Festival so I’m definitely excited to read her books! ❤

  3. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS! Seriously even though there are a heap I love so many books on here, hope you do to once you get to them 😀 Can’t wait to see how your progress on these and what you think of them 😀

    1. I KNOW, I AM SO EXCITED! Thank you, I am seriously hoping to adore a lot of them!! I am honestly so nerdy and excited about seeing what this looks like at the end of this year!

  4. You have way too many books to be read but that was so relatable ( although my pile of TBR books is relatively small) There is a particular term for such a frenzy . Sundoko : when you keep buying books even though you may not have read the books you already possess.
    You should try Dan Brown’s books.

    1. Well, I did read 121 books last year, so I figure getting through at least some of them is doable, hehe! And yes I love that word! It definitely fits me. 😛

  5. This is a super awesome post!!! I’ve got 1000+ books myself and sooooo many are unread. Mind if I steal your idea and do something similar?!? I’m totally inspired 🙂

    There’s some awesome books here. Some I’ve read I particularly love I recommend are: Akarnae & Raela, Graceling, Poison Study, This Shattered World, Their Fractured Light, Scorpio Races and Soulless! So many great books–hope you love them all when you eventually get around to reading them!

    1. Yes go for it, this was super motivating for me!!!
      All of the books you mentioned, I’ve heard such great things about, especially Akarnae and Poison Study!!! ❤ Eep I'm so excited to read all of these!
      And 1,000+ books is AMAZING, my library is only probably half of that in total!

  6. This post was ridiculously pleasing in an aesthetic sense (as are you shelves – RAINBOW SHELVES FOR THE WIN!). Also, 500 books 😱 I think I should actually do a book count because I may actually have that many and am just in denial lol

  7. What a lovely TBR list! I can’t imagine the time you put in to make this, but I love it! So many must reads, esp THE WRATH AND THE DAWN and FANGIRL. ❤❤

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