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Welcome to my February book haul!

Day 1 of the month and I’d already acquired a book. Clearly, I’m addicted to books, and my ban won’t stop me completely. I can’t help but enable myself! But my restriction is reducing my buying habits, which is good, right?

[sweats nervously]

Here’s my  February haul!


The New Hunger (book 1.5) – by Isaac Marion
A lovely friend on Twitter sent this to me (she was getting rid of it)! This is supposed to be read after Warm Bodies, even though it’s technically a prequel. This gives insight into a few characters before they’re featured in Isaac’s first book. This is a short little thing, so hopefully I’ll get it read soon!
(I talked about it briefly in my February wrap up!)

A Shadow’s Breath – by Nicole Hayes
I attended the launch and bought this new #LoveOzYA book! This book opens with a car accident and is told in present time and via flashbacks of how Tessa and Nick meet.
(Bought, must read 5 to catch up.)

The Golden Lily (book 2) – by Richelle Mead
This is book two in the Bloodlines series, set after the Vampire Academy books. I’m not sure what happens and I’d like to keep it that way, as I haven’t read book 1 yet. But thanks Sam for unhauling this and giving it to me! 

A Work In Progress – Connor Franta
I received this as a gift. I really like Connor’s photography and his youtube channel so I’m looking forward to reading this in the future! I have a few books by Youtubers that I need to read now, maybe I’ll read them all at once… 

Frostblood – by Elly Blake
I’ve already read this, I bought a copy so I had a finished version! So thankfully this doesn’t add to my giant TBR pile. You can read my spoiler free thoughts here! Really loved this YA fantasy book!
(Since this buy doesn’t add to the unread books on my shelf, it doesn’t count, yay!) 

The Bone Witch (ARC) – by Rin Chupeco
“I never intended to raise my brother from his grave, though he may claim otherwise. If there’s anything I’ve learned from him in the years since, it’s that the dead hide truths as well as the living.” OKAY, HOW AWESOME IS THAT. Thank you to NewSouth for sending this to me!! I am so excited to read it, omg. Necromancy and witches. Yes.

The Warrior Heir (hardback) – by Cinda Williams Chima
I bought this for $5. I am now 5 more books behind in my reading goal. I have mild regrets but also: hardcover!!! I thought this was a fantasy, but from the synopsis it sounds like an urban fantasy featuring a tournament with warriors and magic! Excited! This is the first in a series!

The Hate U Give – by Angie Thomas
Thank you Walker Books Australia for sending this to me! This is about Starr, who’s 16 and witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend by a police officer. I bet this’ll be heart-wrenching and eye opening; I definitely can’t wait to read it.

Dawn Study (book 6) – by Maria V Snyder
I won this from a Dymocks facebook competition, so thank you! I know that Poison Study is book 1 (which I own but it’s unread). So many unread books. But now I have a new reason to read this series; I own more than 1 of its books! 

The Diabolic – by S J Kincaid 
I’ve read & reviewed this, I really enjoyed it! I was just after a finished copy of my own, hehe. This is a YA sci-fi where Nemesis, a non-human, is created solely to protect Sidonia. Nemesis is sent to the King’s court in Sidonia’s place and from there the politics and brutality begin. 

The Song Rising (book 3) – by Samantha Shannon
I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS! I did reviews for The Bone Season and The Mime Order, click the titles to read them, they’re spoiler free! This book continues Paige’s struggles. I NEED TO KNOW that result of the cliffhanger – ARGH! Thank you so much Bloomsbury Australia for sending this to me for review!

The Blood Mirror (book 4) – by Brent Weeks
This is book 4 in The Black Prism series! Thank you so much Tam for giving this to me! I don’t know anything about this book because spoilers! (I now own books 1 & 4 but not the others. Oops.)

A Thousand Nights – by E K Johnston 
A Twitter friend was getting rid of this hardcover and they sent it to me, so thank you! I’ve heard this book isn’t amazing, but I snapped it up to give it a go. I don’t expect to hold onto this but we’ll see. 

Because You’ll Never Meet Me – by Leah Thomas 
Thank you Bloomsbury Australia for sending this to me! This is a debut where “two boys on opposite ends of the world begin an unlikely friendship that will change their lives forever”. It sounds cute and realistic, so although contemporary isn’t my type of genre I may pick it up after finishing a bunch of heavy fantasy books!

And that’s what I hauled in February. 14 books, wow. I’m behind in my Project 5 by 7 books, I’m SEVEN IN THE RED. I need to clear this number (or preferably, get 5 ahead of it) before I can purchase any more books at RRP.

King’s Cage, I’m coming for you, albeit slowly.

Out of this haul I’m most excited for The Song Rising and The Hate U Give! Eeeep!

Read total: 13
Bought total: 2
Haul total: 14
How far behind I am in my read total: 7


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