A Very Arc-ish Readathon

So, like many bloggers, I sometimes get books early. Publishers are amazing and send out review copies (or ARCs: advanced reading copies/proofs) in exchange for reviews and publicity. I have a pile of books that I need to enjoy and review, so why not join a readathon for it!

You can find the original announcement post here! Thanks Aimal for hosting!

The readathon runs from 12:01 AM (your time) on April 1st to April 30th, 11:59 PM (your time).

There are none! Just your personal goals.
This is a low-pressure, low-key readathon, and so it doesn’t really have any challenges. The only goal is to read as many ARCs as possible.

My “to read” list is below! I’ll link to Goodreads in the book titles and put a few key words so you know what they’re generally about! 

The Bone Witch – by Rin Chupeco
YA fantasy. Resurrection. Necromancy. The dead keep secrets. Witches.
Released: March 7, 2017

Strange the Dreamer – by Laini Taylor
First in a duology. Beautiful writing. Fantasy. The hype for this book is INSANE and I sincerely hope to love it.
Released: March 28, 2017

Traitor to the Throne (book 2) – by Alwyn Hamilton
Sequel to Rebel of the Sands. YA fantasy. Djinn. Magic. Guns. Strong female protagonist.
Released: February 2017

Queens of Geek – by Jen Wilde
Diverse. YA contemporary. Nerd convention. Bi love interest.
Released: May 2017

Release – by Patrick Ness
A ghost. An unpleasant boss. An ex-boyfriend. How to let yourself love & set yourself free.
Released: May 4, 2017

The Hatching – by Ezekiel Boone 
TERROR. SPIDERS. Horror, I’m pretty sure, if you couldn’t already guess. Its sequel Skitter should be out very, very soon! 
Released: July 2016 

The Secret of Science and Magic – by Melissa Keil 
Australian YA, yes!! Cute, contemporary, life at the end of high school, when you’re a genius it can still be messy. Can’t wait! This sounds adorable and very fast.
Release: April 1, 2017

History Is All You Left Me – by Adam Silvera
Gay representation. Contemporary YA. Probably sad. You know what, it’s Adam Silvera, it’ll probably crush your heart but you’ll enjoy it.
Released: February 2017 

Conjurer – by John & Carole Barrowman 
“Sixteen-year-old twins Matt and Em Calder are Animare: they can bring art to life, and travel in time through paintings.” YA. Mystery. Superpowers. Secret agent type synopsis. YES.
Released: June 2016

Wintersong – by S Jae-Jones 
YA fantasy. Goblin King. A sister’s kidnapping. Yesyesyes. 
Released: May 2017 

This list is SUPER ambitious, but I need to push myself. I’ve been reading a lot less, lately. This needs to change. It’s hard to read a book (or more) a week while working full time, but I’m going to try and read at least SOMETHING every day this month. Whether that means I finish every book on this list or not, I’ll at least be reading, which is the entire point of this readathon! ❤

Some of these are books I’ve received for review, others have been given to me by bookish friends. So if I don’t get to all of them it’s no drama, but ideally I’d like to!

Have you heard of any of these? Did you want to read any? Are they on your TBR? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “A Very Arc-ish Readathon

  1. Strange and Queens of Geek were my fave XD Queens is really short so you’ll finish that in no time at all! I have HIAYLM way up on my tbr but don’t even own it yet so… xD Hope you love all of these 🙂

    1. Yay! I’ve already started Strange and I’m really enjoying it! And I flipped the pages of QoG and it looked very fast. So fingers crossed I fly through it. HIAYLM actually looks fast as well, get it, get it, get it. HAUL HAUL! 😛

  2. Queens of Geek ❤ ❤ *heart eyes* Tis my love (though I still need to hurry up and read the last two chapters, whoops)

    So many of these sound amazing! History, Strange, Secret Science, Wintersong & Bone Witch…

    Good luck! 😉

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