Reading Wrap Ups


Oh hi!

Here’s what I read in March. Plus a few general updatey dot point things at the bottom. Not sure if I’ll do it every month, but I like the idea, so maybe I will, WHO KNOWS! (Clearly not me.)

On to my wrap up, LET’S GO!

Caraval – by Stephanie Garber
This is a YA fantasy, the first in a series, you can read my full non-spoiler review here! Unfortunately this book didn’t live up to its hype to me. You can find out why in my review, ahahaSigh.
2.75 / 5 stars

The Song Rising – by Samantha Shannon 
This book was so, so good. I have a spoiler free review here, go read it. Then read this series and love it, like I do.
5 / 5 stars

The Hate U Give – by Angie Thomas
This was so emotional, accessible, and the subject matter was (obviously) so relevant and important. Will be recommending it to anyone who’ll listen. My spoiler free review is live, you can read it here.
4.5 / 5 stars 

Strange the Dreamer – by Laini Taylor
I just squeezed this in, finished it on March 31st! I will have a spoiler free review posted in the next day or so. I loved this book.
4.5 / 5 stars 

American Gods (audio) – by Neil Gaiman
I’m so close to finishing this, I have less than 6hrs left! It’s sitting solidly on a 3 stars for me at the moment, the plot has been very meandering. It’s finally starting to pick up so we’ll see what happens. 

Total read this month: 4
Total read overall: 17
Current Goodreads goal: 25

Also, just a few other random things!

  • I attended The First Tuesday Bookclub on March 7 (hosted by Dymocks Camberwell bookstore) and I met the lovely Fleur Ferris (author of Risk and Black). Got to chat about her upcoming release Wreck, which is out in July 2017!
  • I hosted #YATalk, which is a Twitter chat usually revolving around a particular topic (mine was tropes)! IT WAS AMAZING, SO MANY PEOPLE TUNED IN SO THANK YOU IMMENSELY, LOVE YOU ALL! I hit my tweet limit (who knew that could happen?!) and Sarah had to save me on the final question – thanks Sarah!
  • I joined a writer’s group, which’ll be great motivation to actually get the ideas out of my head and onto paper. They’re all fighting for attention, at the moment I have 3 novel ideas… mostly fantasy or urban fantasy.
  • I attended The YA Room book club meetup for Caraval in February (but unfortunately missed their March book talk for The Hate U Give). Sarah and Alex are great, follow the YA Room on Twitter if you haven’t already! Come to our meetups if you’re in Melbourne!
  • I was part of a group order for MerakiCandles (in the UK) and after THREE MONTHS, they finally arrived. They’re beautiful and I love them. But I’m never ordering there again. I’ll just preserve the 3 candles I got. Forevermore.
  • I saw the Power Rangers movie – it was GREAT! Those visual effects gave me heart-eyes.
  • Also saw Logan and oh boy, it was amazing. But oh man, my heart. So many tears. Time to read ALL of the Xmen & Wolverine comics.
  • I stole this bullet point idea from Cait at PaperFury. She’s awesome, check her out if you haven’t already! (I mean if you haven’t heard of her, where have you been.)

And that’s everything! Thank you so much for reading, leave a comment on your way out if you’re so inclined. Also I posted a TBR for April but it was a readathon, so in case you missed it, it’s linked here for you!

Until next time, bye!


16 thoughts on “MARCH WRAP UP

  1. What an amazing list of books you read this month! Slightly jealous of how good those titles all are. I loved Song Rising too, and it’s easily one of my favourite ongoing series right now. Will need to have a peek at your review!

  2. Thug and Strange were so good! And you did amazing on the YA talk (hint you should host again please)Caraval was such a miss for me as well, I gave it a 3 on goodreads but I’m seriously thinking of knocking it down to a two and writing a rant on how much I want to lock Scarlet in a closet for the duration of the book XD I need to watch power ranges I haven’t been going to the movies at all this year and that is all the saddness, I have so many new releases to catch up on and more that I’m really hyped to see 🙂 Here’s to having a great April!

    1. Wheee, thank you. ❤ ❤
      I put 2.75 but I'm also considering knocking it down to 2 stars… and yes I agree, in a closet she goes. XD
      YAS SEE MOVIES! So many have been coming out and I feel so behind on books, movies & shows! HERE'S TO APRIL AND READING, YAY!

  3. You had a pretty good reading month! And some really good reads in there too. Thanks for the post Bec!

  4. You’re so cute 😉 I went to write up my March Wrap-Up but then realised that I hadn’t actually finished any books last month… whoops.

    I do the dot point highlights too 😉 It’s definitely good to look back on! Also Cait is queen ^_^

    Haha Caraval… *insert laughing-crying face* Oh the joys.

    I’m sorry you’re not loving American Gods but hey, the sooner you finish the sooner you can start Fairyland 😉 – I’m shameless, I know

      1. YAYY!! Will hopefully finish my reread of the first book tomorrow 😍😍😍 I’ll then be passing around the physical copy of you want to audio it but still make some annotations/comment your thoughts (please do!)

      2. Yah, happy to add my thoughts! Just after I’ve read it, most likely. I listen to audio cos I can’t do physical reading or writing on public transport. 😦

  5. Looks like you’ve had a great month! Shame about Caraval though, I’m yet to read it but I’m very much looking forward to it and I really hope I love it.

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