My Blackmilk Clothing Collection

Hi there!

So, a few friends have asked to see my collection (AHEM, addiction) and I thought I’d share! It’s not exactly bookish, but I do feature my BM in instagram photos. ❤

For those of you who don’t know, Blackmilk Clothing are an Australian clothing brand, made and distributed in Australia (also internationally), and their leggings are AMAZING. Plus all of their other gear, which I’ve slowly become addicted to as well. They cost a pretty penny but they’re so worth it.

They do monthly drops and special mini-releases too during the month. So a lot of what I’ve got below may have sold out already. But I’ll leave a website link here if you’re interested!

This post is in no way sponsored, I just love this brand. 

These are some of my newly featured leggings (on my instagram)! Also, please note that the model photos I use below & throughout this post are not mine and are featured on blackmilk clothing’s website which is where I sourced them from. 🙂

I might put these in categories so first up: leggings. Then: dresses, skirts, tops, playsuits, basics, swimwear, and whatever else I have accumulated.

Mermaid Midnight Leggings
Wallpaper Kraken HWMF Leggings
Snowflake Toasties
Matte Pocket Leggings (yes I’m a sucker for pockets I know)
Drogon Dragon Egg HWMF Leggings
Chainmail HWMF Leggings
Sanctum Sanctorum MF Leggings
Dragon Scales Silver Leggings
Dark Mark HWMF Leggings
Superstar High Waisted Velvet Leggings
The Pandorica Opens MF Leggings
Koi Purple Leggings

Ginger Bread BFT
Aquamarine Knock Out Top
Schematic TARDIS Muscle Top
Empty Child Muscle Top
Nevermore BFT
Feline Fine Business Time Shirt
Hogwarts Castle Wifey Top
Gingham Sorbet Reversible Crop
Hummingbird Off The Shoulder Crop

Blackout Bodysuit
Sheer Ultra Ninja Pants (full length workout leggings)
Warm Grey Pocket Leggings
Sheer Ultra Combat Pants (3/4 workout leggings)
Black Yoke Midi Skirt
Matte Off The Shoulder Crop
Matte Pocket Leggings (oops I featured these earlier, oh well)
Black Flouncy Shorts

Skirts, Shorts, Swimsuit 
Marauders Map Yoke Midi Skirt
Dusk Midi Skirt
Wild Cherry Pocket Skater Skirt
Shoreshaper Cuffed Shorts
Clockwork Ribs Swimsuit (I also wear this with a black high-waisted skirt)

Ravenclaw Scoop Skater Dress
Gorgeous Garden White Scoop Skater Dress
Countdown Toastie Dress
Steam Punk Alloy Scoop Skater Dress
Dark Places Scoop Skater Dress
Bloom Loom Scoop Skater Dress
Wing It Scoop Skater Dress
Koi Reversible Skater Dress
Dark Moth Scoop Skater Dress
Galaxy grey dress (this is a sample I got at a warehouse sale – I call it my ovaries dress) XD
Chic Zip Front Dress

Unicorn Moon New Rio Playsuit
Take My Monet Rio Playsuit
Forest Orbs Tee Dress
Galaxy Rainbow Sweater Dress (I can realise my dream of dressing like a PaddlePop ice cream)

I am also a sucker for Harry Potter merch and got this Gryffindor Touchdown very recently! It matches perfectly with a pair of toasty black leggings I already had. Safe to say I’m in love.


 There you go: this is a snapshot of my ever-growing Blackmilk Clothing collection! It is most definitely bound to grow. By the time I post this, I’ll probably be readying my order for any new collection that’s coming out. Eheh.

I hope you enjoyed perusing my collection!! ❤ I mean, I’m 90% certain I’ve covered everything (aside from pieces I get for my sister & a sloth shirt I got for my boyfriend). Woohoo!

Let me know if you’ve heard of Blackmilk before? Do you have any of their items? I’d love to know!!

Until next time – thanks for visiting!

(Update: I added more, you can see here.)


20 thoughts on “My Blackmilk Clothing Collection

  1. I’m constantly hearts-eyeing over Blackmilk. Their stuff looks so cool. I haven’t bought anything though because it’s a bit out of my price range and I get super paranoid about sizing when it comes to buying clothes online bc my body is the worst lmao. Your collection is AMAZING though. I’m in love with all the skater dresses 😍

    1. It’s also so COMFY! If you ever pluck up the courage to treat yourself and give them a shot, let me know what piece you choose. 😂 They’re the only brand that I shop at online! Their measurements have served me pretty well (I’m an S for leggings, but scale up to an M so they’re comfy rather than can’t-breathe right). It’s all about what works for you! And thank you, I love (and live in) the skater dresses! ❤

  2. Hehe I love it! Though not typically my style, there are admittedly a few items of yours I’m eyeing off… It was great to see your collection! Also yes rainbow paddlepops – I used to love those as a kid! Teehee 😉

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