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Top Ten Tuesday: What Makes Me Instantly Read A Book!

Hi again!

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post! These prompts were created by The Broke and the Bookish, let’s get into today’s prompt! The answers are in no particular order. ❤

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book 

The first thing I look for is a book’s genre! Fantasy is my immediate go-to. But urban fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, apocalyptic… all of these are immediately interesting to me! And I’ll always give contemporary or crime a go, I just read it less that’s all. 

You bet your buttons that if one of my favourite author has left a little quote blurbed on the front of a book I’m looking at, it will immediately be bought. 

This trope will always interest me. Give me a hero, or an unwilling hero, with a destiny and I’m all for it. Bonus points if it includes magic and assassins and supernatural elements. 

Female lead characters are my favourites. ❤ Obviously I’ll read a book regardless of the protagonist’s gender, but I connect with female the most! Bonus points if she triggers the plot, rather than events happening to her that she must respond to. 

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to mythology. Egyptian and Greek are my love (yay Rick Riordan!) but I will give anything a shot if it has gods or humans in it with godly capabilities (like Percy Jackson and those at Camp Half-Blood). 

If there’s a bumbling (or grudging) trio at the core of the story, I’m ALL IN. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson started this love and ever since I’ve always been on the hunt for more trios like this. More trios and adventures, please and thank you!! 

If your first line is general, or rambly, I’ll give it a chance. But if you grab my attention and suck me into the story: I’m yours. Lexicon by Max Barry did this. I had no idea what was going on but I HAD TO FIND OUT and my lord, that concept was awesome.

If a book is on my Twitter, or my Instagram, you can bet I’ll go up to it in store and peer at its beauty. Maybe I’ll buy it. I mean, I probably will, let’s be honest. 

If my friends love a book, I’ll check it out. I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t?! My best friend has recommended two of my all time favourites to me, so I can’t ignore recommendations! What if I find a new favourite this way? 

And lastly…

If a book has a new host of characters, but in a spin-off set in the same world… you’ll bet I’ll pick it up. Sanderson and his Cosmere theory are one example. As are the Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows duology. But also Robin Hobb, her trilogies are in the same world, but her Liveship Traders series follows different characters and I LOVED THEM ALL. 


That’s my list! It was surprisingly difficult to think of 10.

Will you pick up, or put down, a book if it has a trope in it? What’s your favourite genre? Let me know in the comments!




11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: What Makes Me Instantly Read A Book!

  1. I actually try not to read synopsis’s that often so I think most the books I pick up are because of hype, recommendations or I’ve heard its a cool concept and want to read it. Or of course its by an Author I’ve read and enjoyed in the past 🙂

    Genre is def a big one for me to, like if it’s fantasy or sci fi and catches my attention in anyway I’d probably read it just coz XD The First line isn’t a big one for me coz I don’t really read it until I’m about to start the book anyway it can make me read the book fastr but not really just pick it up coz of it. Nevernights first line has to be one of my faves it sets the tone of the book quite well bahahaha! Great TTT post 😀

    1. You’re like me – I always pick up a fantasy or sci-fi without hesitation, hehe! ❤
      The first line isn't a HUGE deal for me, but I do like it when it gets me. XD

  2. Honestly, for me one of the biggest reasons is the cover. 😳 But I also try to read all the new YA fantasy, especially if people say it’s new or different. Great post!!

    1. Yes, a cover is also what draws me in. Who can resist, right? ❤ I'm drawn more to adult fantasy, but I definitely pick up a lot of YA fantasy too!

    1. Oooh, if you know of any please recommend me some! Always interested in discovering new mythology books. Thanks for your comment. 😀

  3. A female protagonist is almost a must for me. Books have almost always been all about the hero, the female was resigned to his love interest rather than the kick ass lead. I can’t get enough and completely agree, I want to see more female characters pushing the storyline rather than just ‘dealing’ with incidents. Bank heists, assassins, the running off into the sunset hand in hand with their girlfriends.

    I expect you to make this happen now Bec.
    I’ll just wait here.

    1. Oh okay sure, no pressure whatsoever, it’s completely fine. XD
      I completely and wholeheartedly agree though and will endeavour to find and/or write all of these wonderful things, haha!!

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