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Top Ten Tuesday: Why WON’T I read a book?!

Welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday! I love doing these! Thanks, as usual, to The Broke and the Bookish for the prompts!

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Please don’t do a cover change mid-series. It pains me. The exception is probably The Bone Season because I like both, but still going to go for the old covers whenever there’s an opportunity. I love the series too much, what can I say. I have four copies of The Song Rising, soooo… 

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.56.15 am

If it’s a historical fiction, or a biography, or about war… generally I put those aside straight away. They’re just not books I’m interested in and I dropped history/geography at school as soon as I could. Not for me! Also romance… romance books aren’t my thing. By all means if it’s included in a plot that’s completely fine but if there are two mostly-naked people on the cover of your book… I probably won’t read it. 

If I’ve seen an author being negative on social media (or in general) I will hesitate to pick up their book. I think you can kind of divorce an author and their work once they’ve written it, because once it’s published it’s not just theirs anymore, it’s also the reader’s. But that said, I don’t want to purchase a book and subsequently support somebody I have an unfavourable opinion of…

Damn that love triangle trope. Please just give me a solid foundation of trust rather than two people falling in love within 100 pages and then deciding they’re in love with someone else in the next 100. Cool thanks.

Gay side characters are awesome, but can we just have more queer people in general? I’ve always seen myself in fiction but have recently realised in the last few years that it’s not like that for everybody. Let’s rectify this. Also let’s not just focus on coming out stories alone, let’s just have characters that are, without question, who they want to be. Give me all the things pls. (Obviously this extends to cover disability, race, sexuality, gender… just the lot. Like a diversity pizza. Awesome.)

Plots that occur due to a character withholding vital information “just because” annoys me SO MUCH. PLEASE COMMUNICATE. IT WILL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. OKAY? OKAY. 

There’s a trope that I haven’t seen often, but when I do, it riles me and brings my overall rating down. A character loses their memory and is suddenly open to entirely new plots, even if they and the other characters were enemies. NO. Just keep them with conflict. Conflict makes it interesting. Gah. Don’t make anyone re-fall in love. Just don’t. It’s like a plot-backpedal. I can’t stand it please don’t do it. 

If the book will make me cry relentlessly then I will not read it. Well, not straight away. I have A Little Life sitting on my shelf which I’m determined to read. But I’ve heard it’ll break my soul and depress me and I’m not quite ready for that at the moment. XD

I’m terrible at keeping up with series. So many new YA series keep popping up and I just get distracted by new and shiny things. I haven’t finished The Lunar Chronicles or The Young Elites trilogy for example, and there are many more where that came from. [Avoids shelf guiltily.]

Usually I love hype; I love finding out new books to pick up and what everyone’s loving. But sometimes hype can result in feeling underwhelmed. It’s happened before with Cinder (first in the Lunar Chronicles series). I still had fun and enjoyed the book! But it wasn’t 5 stars for me, personally. Sometimes I’ll avoid a book until the hype has died down so I can pick it up without as much fear of being let down.  

And that’s a wrap! Hype, love triangles, historical fiction… do you relate to any of these?

Thanks for reading. πŸ˜€

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Why WON’T I read a book?!

  1. I actually like historical fiction, but like it depends on whether the synopsis intrigues me. I avoid books with love triangles as well, and basically most of this post I agree with! Great post, Bec!

    1. I like historical fiction if it has magical elements in it… but I feel like that’d be more fantasy than historical anyway? Eh I dunno. πŸ˜‚ Thanks for commenting hehe!

  2. Ahhh, so relatable, Bec!! I’m glad I’m not the only one about sequels – I hate them!! I also hate memory issues and conveniently not mentioning something. UGH. Great post!!

    1. I avoid them too, I just know they won’t interest me. And we have heaps to read as it is, why pick up something I know I won’t like? Thanks for commenting. ❀

  3. So many relatable answers! Especially when they change covers mid-series!! Or when they change all the covers and it becomes impossible to find the originals. I can’t stand having mismatched books on my shelf haha SO annoying!

  4. Some Authors being assholes makes me not want to read there books, but I think the main thing for me is if it just sounds like something I wouldn’t like, say a stupid MC. I’ve only read one book series where I enjoyed the memory loss but that was because it kept the same plot and was a temporary issue. I’m actually a hyper myself like I’ll jump on the hype train right away coz I need to know what everyone is carrying on about XD It doesn’t always work out 0.0
    Great TTT Bec!

    1. Hahahaha I love jumping onto hype trains too so you’re not alone!! But yes I’ve been burned before so I’m a little pickier now. πŸ˜›
      Annoying MCs just make me not want to read books. But unreliable narrators are a bit different. So it depends on what the book is, I guess!
      Thanks for commenting. ❀ ❀

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