Book Hauls


Here we go again.

Welcome back!

These are the books I accumulated in April. I’ll be doing a separate Supanova Pop Culture Expo haul so look out for that!

Also, I bought some comics, they are here if you missed them.

The Cuckoo’s Calling (book 1) – by Robert Galbraith (AKA: J K Rowling)
A coworker just handed me this floppy paperback. I am overjoyed. I’ve wanted to pick this up for SO LONG but I just haven’t bothered to seek it out – now I have no excuse! It sits on my desk at work, so if I forget to bring a book, I have it as a backup.
I was also handed the next two in the series!! Ahhh!!! The Silkworm
and Career of Evil. Now I have to read them. A binge is in order. 

The Potion Diaries: Royal Tour (book 2) – by Amy Alward 
Thanks to my buddy Mark for sending this to me! I mean, it’s book 2 and I don’t have book 1, so I’m taking this as encouragement to purchase the first one. Eheheh. Enabled. 


The Song Rising (book 3) – by Samantha Shannon 
I may have ordered a third copy of this book. It’s a hardback, signed, orange-stained page, limited, numbered edition, okay? Yes I have a problem. I can’t buy new books so I keep buying duplicates. (Goldsboro Books, number 300 of 500.) NO REGRETS. 

Strange the Dreamer – by Laini Taylor 
Yes this is a duplicate too. I already have an arc and a paperback BUT it’s a hardback AND has blue stained pages! I’m in love. 

Spellslinger – by Sebastian de Castell 
Thank you Allen & Unwin for sending this to me, such an awesome surprise! I am super excited by the premise for this YA fantasy, I’ll give you a taste here: “Kellen’s dreams of becoming a powerful mage like his father are shattered after a failed magical duel results in the complete loss of his abilities.” (Full synopsis, click the title.) This comes out in May so I’ll have a review up shortly! ❀ 

Godblind – by Anna Stephens 
HarperCollins Australia completely surprised me with this! It’s a debut fantasy novel, coming out on June 19. I’m super ecstatic to read it! XD This has been described as “a brutal grimdark fantasy debut of dark gods and violent warriors”. YEEES. Give me gods and stabby and intrigue! 

Honor Girl (A Graphic Memoir) – by Maggie Thrash 
I received this from Cait at PaperFury, so thank you! I’m so excited. πŸ˜€
Brief synopsis: All-girl camp. First love. First heartbreak. At once romantic and devastating, brutally honest and full of humor, this graphic-novel memoir is a debut of the rarest sort.

Skitter (book 2) – by Ezekiel Boone 
Sequel to The Hatching. I’ve linked synopses in both titles so you can click and read if you want! From what I can gather: spiders, apocalypse, terror. That’s all I’ve gotta know to realise it’s gonna creep me out, but I’ll probably enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you Hachette!!

Revival (vol 1) – by Tim Seeley
I bought this because my boyfriend took me to a comic book store. What did you expect? I can’t resist all the colours. Plus I’ve been eyeing this off for several months, it’s been sitting on my wishlist. Zombies!!! This counts to my Project 5 so I’ve added it to my tally. Lalala. Shame. 

Woop woop, that’s it! I always struggle adding the books I accumulate to my already bursting shelving. Oops.

Read total: 23
Bought total: 1
Haul total: 11
How far behind I am in my read total: 16



17 thoughts on “APRIL BOOK HAUL

  1. The copy of strange the dreamer sounds amazing! Sometimes you just need every addition possible of your favourite books, I can’t explain why, but I relate πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, thank you!! I don’t usually post tags on time cos I wait until my blog is a little dried up of scheduled posts, but I’ll add it to my repertoire. πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thanks!
      And I know right, aren’t those covers gorgeous. 😍😍

  2. your actually not as far behind in your read total as I thought you were XD I’m 10 behind and have a 2 books being delivered this week so… help. Awesome haul can’t wait to see your Supanova post πŸ˜€

    1. That read total will be going up cos of my Supanova haul. *cries* Worth it though, I think.
      Hahaha I have preordered books so when they arrive I will have to add them to my total as well… *hides*

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