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Birthday Wishlist – Can’t Be Tamed


I am neck-deep in my book buying / Project 5 restriction.

And it’s killing me. As you may have spotted in my haul posts, I keep finding ways around it. Or I’ve just blatantly ignored it and worn the cost.

Hauls: January haul, February haul, March haul, April haul.

SO, I made a book depository wishlist. I made it so that if I felt like buying a book, instead of clicking Add to Cart, it’d go straight to Add to Wishlist instead.

My birthday is on May 12! I am going to go on a spree. (After my birthday, though.) I don’t even care that it’ll put me behind in my Project 5 goal, cos I knew that’d eventually happen anyway. At least I’d get to almost half way through 2017 before I went off my rocker, right?

Here are some of the books I currently have my eye on!

Rogues – edited by George R R Martin
This has a short story in it by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s the driving reason behind why I want this gorgeous green hardback full of fantasy short stories. It’s indulgent, I know, sue me. 

Stormbreaker (book 1) – by Anthony Horowitz
This is the first Alex Rider book. I absolutely ADORED these in high school, but I borrowed them all from the school library and have no copies on my own shelves. So that needs to be remedied. Also I’d love to reread them, because that ending just hit me in the heart. 

Magnus Chase: Hammer of Thor (book 2) – by Rick Riordan
I read book 1 (The Sword of Summer) in 2016 and although I didn’t absolutely love it, I still enjoyed Riordan’s writing and the way he reimagined Norse mythology! Plus, book 2 has been toted as being even better than book 1, and who am I to ignore one of my fave authors. Especially when the hardback editions of his books are BEAUTIFUL. 

The Fate of the Tearling (book 3) – by Erika Johansen
This fantasy trilogy has been raved about by the book community, but I have simply enjoyed it. I don’t know whether I’d recommend it to others? Maybe if they’re looking to start in the genre? The previous two books I have rated 4 stars each, so I may as well finish the series for closure. (Plus the grey covers are TO DIE FOR pretty!)

The Golden Compass (book 1) – by Philip Pullman
I never read these as a child but with the announcement for The Book of Dust publishing this year in September, I figured I could give the His Dark Materials series a go. I mean, maybe. 

The Emperor’s Soul – by Brandon Sanderson 
I can’t have a wishlist without my fave on it. Slowly accumulating all of his books and novellas, yas! 

These books are all old news, they’ve been out for a while now! I’m just slack at keeping up with series or older books because I get distracted by new releases a lot. Oops.


That was my I’ll-probably-buy it, pre-birthday maybe-I’ll-haul-it post!

Have you read anything on this list? Are you going to buy any of these as well? When’s your birthday? Woohoo!

Thanks for reading!! ❤


7 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist – Can’t Be Tamed

  1. Happy belated Birthday! 🎉 I hope you receive lots and lots of awesome books. Also don’t feel bad about not sticking to your band. I never keep mine unfortunately lol. Your also the only one that I know on twitter that LOVES fantasy! Like Brandon Sanderson type fantasy. So you must keep me updated. Heehee! I look forward to reading your blog😉😘xoxo

    1. Aw you’re a sweetie, thank you! ❤ I will definitely make heaps more noise about fantasy both here and on Twitter, so don't you worry! Muahaha. Thank you for commenting!! ❤ ❤

  2. I LOVE ROGUES – it has so many of my favourites in it!!! I have Emperor’s Soul in a volume with both it and Legion. Must get Legion in its cute little hardcover before Brandon Sanderson comes to Sydney though! Do they still sell Golden Compass under that title? Or is it purely back to Northern Lights now? It gets so confusing for booksellers! 😛

    1. I just wanted Rogues for Rothfuss, but it sounds like there are other AWESOME stories in there!! 😀
      I didn’t even know they changed the titles? I’ll just search with the ISBN I want and hope for the best… XD

  3. I am late commenting but did you end up buying any of these?

    I actually found a copy of Stormbreaker in my shelves! Its so shiny and looks like a Gateorade label gave birth to a cover XD I never read Alex Rider but I had heard of it so it’s been added to my TBR now!
    Interested to see your thoughts on the Shorts, I just still don’t know how much I love shortstories I just get a bit bored after the first couple because I know it’s going to be so short the plot will be barely anything :/

    1. I actually haven’t bought anything on this list yet!!! To be fair they’ve been on my wishlist for a while, so I’m not in a rush. They’re on my radar. 🙂
      Ooooh yay, I am excited for you to read about Alex Rider!!! That’s exactly why I didn’t want the old covers. XD There are new ones that spell ALEX RIDER when the spines line up; that’s my jam.
      I’m hoping these short stories will be good, I have a lot of hope for Rothfuss cos I love his writing. I will have to let you know when I eventually get around to buying it!

      1. Eventually! XD The over is so bad I think if I read the book in the sun some ants may get fried, I’ve seen the spine spelling it looks awesome!

        I hope so to, we’ll just have to wait and see when you get around to reading them 🙂

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