Book Hauls


Welcome to my birthday book haul!!

I am so overwhelmingly lucky to have bookish friends that indulge me. So, THANK YOU. ❤ ❤

The Archived – by V E Schwab 
Thank you to my bookish buddy Sarah for gifting me this! It’s randomly heavy? But so… thin? I’m so interested in reading more Schwab, I hope I love this!! 

A Conjuring of Light (book 3) – by V E Schwab 
I was gifted two copies of this for my birthday. XD My friends know me well, HAHA! I definitely have to read this series now. That much is obvious. (Thank you Sarah and Amy!) ❤ 

Red Sister – by Mark Lawrence
Huge thanks to my parents for this; my family actually bought me a book. It’s a miracle. (Wanna know a secret: I asked for this 1 book. And they got it for me.) This sounds like a brilliant high fantasy assassin book and to say I’m excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn, book 6) – by Brandon Sanderson
My boyfriend lost my signed copy of this in paperback. It was a sad time. But he is amazing and SURPRISED ME GREATLY with a SIGNED, PERSONALISED hardback of this book!!!! I don’t know how you did it, I love you. *faints*

Flame in the Mist – by Renee Ahdieh
I had Dymocks points so I treated myself. Happy Birthday to meeee. This has been marketed as a Mulan retelling but I think it’s more accurate to say it’s been inspired by Mulan and weaves folklore into its story? I’m quite excited, hoping to read this in July as part of a mythology readathon! More details to come. ReadAtMidnight will be hosting. ❤ 

Wolverine: Destiny (volume 4) – by Charles Soule (et. al.)
I didn’t realise this was volume 4 when I bought it, but since seeing the film Logan I’ve been eager to buy all the Wolverine comics I can so… definitely do not regret this on-sale buy.

Waer – by Meg Caddy
Thank you to my friend Sarah for this surprise! (And for the Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus shirts you got for me, OMG.) I’ve seen this floating around but never reached out to pick it up! 

Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders, book 1) – by Robin Hobb
Thank you Ayla!! I was gifted this as a belated birthday present and I am IN LOVE. This cover is amazing (link in title) and I can’t wait to eventually reread this series again! I read them in high school and borrowed from a friend, so I don’t own any of them! My Dad bought a few (thanks Dad hehe) but I want to add them to my own library in these editions. So it begins.
If you want to start with Robin Hobb’s books, I’d definitely recommend
Assassin’s Apprentice (book 1 of the Farseer trilogy). But you can just as easily start here with the Liveship series, its events come after Farseer and follow different characters! 

Night Broken (book 8) – Patricia Briggs
I got this on sale for $2 because it’s a continuation to a series I already own! I bought book 1 at Supanova so it’s already counted towards my Project 5 goal; this on sale book is bypassing my tally. I already know I won’t get to it for a while because at least four books come before it! Bargain, though. 

The Star-Touched Queen – Rokshani Chokshi
I had an arc of this, but I’m sending it off to a friend. So I purchased a finished copy to replace it! I haven’t read it yet and since it’s a replacement, I’m not counting it toward my Project 5 goal. 🙂 

White Sand (volume 1) – by Brandon Sanderson 
I purchased this hardback comic written by Sanderson because I couldn’t justify just randomly buying it. But I’m meeting him AND it was my birthday, so YES. My boyfriend and I are SO EXCITED to read this one!!! 


 I think that was it! I also purchased my first ever Fairyloot bookish subscription box! It’s the June box (theme: Elementalists) so I will definitely share its content when it comes! ❤

Overall I hauled 12 books, most of them either heavily discounted, or gifted! I think that’s pretty good considering I got 20+ last year!

What have you hauled recently? Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY BOOK HAUL

  1. I love how even with your project 5 you’ve still managed to grow your tbr 😂 interested to hear what you think of Waer! I’ve seen it around and am intrigued but never pick it up lol…
    (Read adsom asap now that you have two copies of acol 👌🏼😏)

    1. I know right? Can’t be tamed. Oh well, it is what it is, hahaha.
      YES AH SHALL. I am legitimately SO EXCITED FOR ADSOM!!!! ❤

  2. Awesome Haul! I Still need to but The Archived series, and I was tempted to buy Red Sister the other day but I didnt 😦 I think it will be one of my next buys though it sounds awesomely stabby xD Awesome Haul Bec ❤

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