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Welcome to my May book haul. 

May was my birthday month. Publishers are awesome and send me review books. AND I have a book buying problem. SO, that’s why I hauled a bunch things this month. Also, I attended Supanova, so there’s that, too. PRAYFORME okay let’s go.

The Boy on the Bridge (book 2) – by M R Carey 
Thank you Hachette Australia for sending this to me! It’s written by the same author of The Girl With All The Gifts, which I only recently discovered was a zombie book! This is the synopsis and frankly it sounds eerily awesome: “Once upon a time, in a land blighted by terror, there was a very clever boy. The people thought the boy could save them, so they opened their gates and sent him out into the world. To where the monsters lived.” 


Royce Rolls – by Margaret Stoll
From what I’ve heard this is basically a reality TV show within a young adult contemporary book. Not really what I’d read but I guess it promises drama and character clashing, which is always a delight to snoop on. 

Letters to the Lost – by Brigid Kemmerer 
Juliet writes letters to her mother and leaves them on her grave. Declan reads a haunting letter left by a grave, and can’t resist writing back. So the back-and-forth begins… dun dunnnn but the characters actually know each other. This sounds emotional, to say the least. 

Monstress (volume 1) – by Marjorie Liu 
I read this for the #AsianLitBingo readathon in the same month I bought this comic sooo… I’m not counting it in my Project 5, hehe. How can I visit a comic book store and not purchase a new pretty? I mean, really. Especially when it’s about monsters and magic and demons. ALL THE THINGS I LOVE. 

The Lyre Thief – (book 1) – by Jennifer Fallon 
Eep, thank you HarperCollins Australia!!!! I can’t wait to read this! Here’s the first two paragraphs of the Goodreads synopsis: Her Serene Highness, Rakaia, Princess of Fardohnya, is off to Hythria, where her eldest sister is now the High Princess, to find herself a husband, and escape the inevitable bloodbath in the harem when her brother takes the throne.
Rakaia is not interested in marrying anyone, least of all some brute of a Hythrun Warlord she’s never met, but she has a plan to save herself from that, too. If she can just convince her baseborn sister, Charisee, to play along, she might actually get away with it.


Retribution (book 2) – by Jennifer Fallon
Thank you HarperCollins Australia for surprising me with this gorgeous fantasy book!!! I can’t wait to read The Lyre Thief and then jump into this one! ❤ 

Assassin’s Fate (book 3) – by Robin Hobb 
I received this GORGEOUS, thick paperback for review from HarperCollins Australia, BUT. I also purchased a limited edition hardback that was SIGNED AND NUMBERED and it is so freaking gorgeous. I squeaked a little when I opened it. A review for book 1 is up on my blog, reviews for books 2 & 3 to come! ❤ I know I bought this, but it’s a duplicate so it’s fine, ha. 

Finding Nevo – by Nevo Zisin 
I had the opportunity to interview Nevo, their interview can be found here! This book promises to be an emotional (also informative) biography about gender. I’m very enraptured by this, can’t wait to read, even though it promises to make me cry! Thank you Walker for sending it to me! 

Milk & Honey – by Rupi Kaur 
AAAAAAAH THANK YOU MARK! This arrived on the last day of May so it just slipped on into this book haul post! This is a modern poetry book! I don’t often read poetry but the buzz around this has caught my eye and I’m extremely interested! Looking forward to sinking into it. 

And that’s it! These, plus my 12 book birthday haul, makes 21 in total for this month. So many. Thank you so much to friends and publishers, I am stoked and so lucky! ❤

Read total: 29
Bought total: 1 (duplicate)
Haul total: 9
How far behind I am in my read total: 15


4 thoughts on “MAY BOOK HAUL

  1. I just heard Rupi on Hack a few weeks ago and am really wanting to read Milk and Honey now! I’d really recommend listening to the episode she’s on. It’s brilliant!

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