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June TBR

Welcome to my June reading list. I’m hoping to get to ALL of these in June but man… so many chunky fantasy books. *sob* I wish I had endless time.

The Lyre Thief – by Jennifer Fallon
Godblind – by Anna Stephens 

Both of these were sent to me by the amazing HarperCollins Australia! I am so over the moon because they sound like the perfect fantasy reads to snuggle up and dig into when it’s raining outside. (IT HAS BEEN SO COLD LATELY, time for my blanket and some tea. Winter is here.) Godblind is a debut grimdark fantasy, YAS. And The Lyre Thief is a high fantasy, first in a series, and I am so EXCITED cos Fallon is an Aussie but lives in New Zealand and I’ve heard brilliant things from Piera about this book. Woohoo! 


I also have Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb to read. It’s an extremely dense but promises to be such a vast, detailed, emotive and vivid book. I adore Hobb’s writing and this is the last book so AAAAHHH. ❤

And finally, I have another book I’m currently reading, which is The Hatching – by Ezekiel Boone. This is the apocalypse, but with spiders. Sounds terrifying, right? I’m not hooked yet. But hopefully I will be! 

THAT IS ALL FOR NOW. Thank you for reading, my lovelies. ❤

Tell me what book has caught your eye for June? Or if you don’t have a monthly TBR pile, tell me if you’re inclined to read a particular genre? See ya next time!



12 thoughts on “June TBR

  1. I couldn’t get into The Hatchling sadly, the characters just weren’t doing it for me. I enjoyed The Lyre Thief so hope you do too! With Godblind I have heard very mixed reviews, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

    1. I’m finding a similar thing with the characters to be honest, it’s hard to connect to. But I’ll try my best to finish it, it’s behind all the fantasy books on my current reading list haha. Thank you, I hope to love Lyre! And interesting, I haven’t seen much talk of Godblind yet but I hope to like it! ❤ ❤

  2. Godblind looks so cool it’s not really on my tbr just yet because I am drowning in fantasy at the moment but you may convince me to bump it up XD
    The Hatching sounds cool but with a concept like that it needs strong writing to pull it off, hopefully it picks up!

    1. Yes it does need strong writing and at the moment I’m not feeling it as much as I’d hoped! It’s been put under all my fantasy books, so I’ll get to it later hehe!

  3. Ugh don’t we all wish we had endless time to read all the books tho??? but like, let’s be real I probably still wouldn’t get through it ha ha ha *crying*
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Lyre Thief!

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