Fool’s Quest – Review (spoiler free)

Starting here, with book 2 in Hobb’s latest series, will spoil you for what has occurred previously. If you want to read them in order, start with Assassin’s Apprentice (book 1 in the Farseer trilogy). Or, I have a spoiler free review for book 1 (Fool’s Assassin) in the Fitz and Fool trilogy here.

The entire Realm of the Elderlings series is so, so brilliant (especially with its characters and world-building) so I’d definitely encourage you to read in order!

Otherwise, please continue!


After nearly killing his oldest friend, the Fool, and finding his daughter stolen away by those who were once targeting the Fool, FitzChivarly Farseer is out for blood. And who better to wreak havoc than a highly trained and deadly former royal assassin? Fitz might have let his skills go fallow over his years of peace, but such things, once learned, are not so easily forgotten. And nothing is more dangerous than a man who has nothing left to lose…

CaptureTitle: Fool’s Quest

Author: Robin Hobb

Pages: 737

Genre: fantasy, high fantasy, adult fantasy

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
Link to book here

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My thoughts 

This book picked up exactly where we left off previously: with Fitz in Buckkeep, and Bee and Shun kidnapped. I wanted to know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED but the narrative focussed on Fitz at the beginning. I’d forgotten how much I loved Buck with all its characters and magic and ALL THE SECRETS. I was swept away by the imaginings of it all and didn’t notice until I was 200 pages deep and blinking away tears.

I was so worried about Bee the entire time. But, while she was in the back of my mind, I was so taken by Hobb’s characters in front of me that I knew when we got back to her perspective, it would deliver. And it DID. I suddenly find Shun less annoying. That’s the amazing thing about Hobb’s characters; they emerge and grow on you. 

These characters are beautifully written. I believe them. I believe they’re real, they’re so well-sculpted, all of them, that I can imagine each individually. Chade, Nettle, Ash, Riddle, Bee, Fool, Fitz. So many more. Hobb crafts them, makes her world lush with believability, turmoil, relationships and struggles. Her characters are so well-crafted that if I posed a question to one in my head, I could see how they would answer. They’re three-dimensional, honest, and I’m in love with them all.

If I had to sum up this book in a few brief words (impossible, I know) I would choose: CHARACTER GROWTH. Because, by golly, do they shed husks of their grief and shape themselves anew. Without spoiling ANYTHING, I will say that I felt re-invigorated reading Fool’s QuestAnd if you read all of these Realm of the Elderlings books in order, this book will reward you. Oh, my loves. ❤

I want to wave and shout about spoilers, but I won’t. What good would that do? Hobb’s books revel in their reveals, their connections, the simmering plot that stretches its characters, burns them, shapes them. This book was no different. From Fitz’s Skill to Bee’s dream journal, I was enchanted. And intrigued. Hot damn. Gimme more. 

Definitely, definitely read this if you’ve got tea and a warm blanket handy. The journey of Fitz and the Fool is worth every minute and every wink of sleep you’ll lose to them. This book touched my heart, even if it didn’t rope me in quite as much as Fool’s Assassin did. I am definitely going to continue. I MUST. I have to know everything.

This book didn’t end on quite a cliffhanger, it dropped hints as to what was coming. But now it’s been revealed… I need to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.


4.5 / 5 stars




2 thoughts on “Fool’s Quest – Review (spoiler free)

  1. Didn’t read your post but yay that you loved it but the day i see you low rate a Hobb book is most likely the end of the world sooo. Anyyyyhow I need to go and read 13 books Hobb books halp.

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