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Mid-Year Reading Update

Welcome to a mid-year update, I thought it’d be fun (AHEM terrifying) to see where my hauls versus reading is at and what some favourites are so far this year! Also some general reading goals and updates will be included!

And of course I’ll be touching on bits and pieces of what I want to read!

Dani at Chronicles of Danielle gave me this post idea so thank youuu! ❤ ❤ 

Hauls Tally

Overall this year so far, I have hauled a total of 78 books. Wowie. And we’re only half way through… (January, February, March, April, May, Comic books, Birthday.) 

Unfinished Series

Apart from review books, series currently on my shelves that I’d love to finish are as follows:
The Mistborn series (The Final EmpireThe Well of Ascension, & The Hero of Ages)
The Young Elites trilogy (The Rose Society The Midnight Star)
The Lunar Chronicles (Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, Winter)
The Reckoners trilogy (Firefight Calamity)
The Red Queen series (King’s Cage)

Here are a few books I’d love to start in the remainder of this year! They’re books that I’ve had for a while PLUS they’re the faves of several bookish friends. So naturally they’re at the top of my priority list. ❤  

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.43.36 amYellow by Megan Jacobson
Akarnae by Lynette Noni
A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Bloodsong by Anthony Ryan
Poison Study by Maria V Snyder
A List of Cages by Robin Roe (which I don’t own but like that’s an obstacle, psh)
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Summer Skin by Kristy Eagar

Here are the solicited (requested) books I have left to review for publishers this year! 

Stalking Jack the Ripper
Traitor to the Throne
The Boy on the Bridge

Blog Stuff

I started blogging in October 2016 and I HAVE GROWN SO MUCH! That’s with the help of you guys, because it’s amazing to see that people read my blog & agree with  my opinions! (And disagree, because that’s interesting and awesome to see too!)

I’ve passed 250 blog followers (THANK YOU). I reached 1,000+ Twitter followers, too. And my instagram, despite the crappy algorithm, has remained above 3,500+ followers. That’s a heck of a book community; I’m so happy and amazed! And I love hearing from every single one of you!!! 

Project 5 Update – Read 5, Buy 1

I’m failing but I’m not even sorry. I love buying books, I think I always will. With this restriction, it’s held me back from splurging on books on sale. Books that, in the past, I would’ve picked up on a whim but ended up ultimately unhauling. This “ban” has actually worked, despite the growing tallies you see in my hauls and wrap ups. 

I have no idea how many books I haul in a year, I’ve never measured it before. But I didn’t have an unrealistic expectation of GIVING UP BOOK BUYING. How could I go from multiple books a month to zero? Impossible. So despite my flops, I think I’m doing all right. I mean, I could definitely be doing BETTER, but I could also be a lot worse. So overall: a win. 


Current TBR Goals

I’ve mentioned my gigantic TBR in a few posts: Rainbow books, Fantasy books! (This isn’t all of them, I’ll be posting TBR updates throughout this year and maybe 2018 too.)

I’ll be cutting this list down this month. Planning on doing an unhaul, it’s going to feel so therapeutic. One of the reasons my book collection is so HUGE is because when I wrote my thesis in 2015, I bought books to compensate for my stress, but then I couldn’t read them because I was WRITING MY THESIS. 

Now I’m behind on reading ALL OF THEM. So I’m getting rid of the ones I bought because of hype and probably won’t read anymore. I’m keeping a few, even knowing they’ll sit there for a while, but more on that in an unhaul post later on this month!

I’m also 31 out of 50 in my Goodreads goal, which I want to increase to 100 books. I read 121 last year so I’m hoping to at least crack 100 this year! I think that’s a bit of an unrealistic goal, I’m reading so much slower, but I’m still going to try and get as close as possible! Maybe 80? We’ll see! 


I’ve read some crackers this year already! (Click title for my review.) They include:

The Song RisingScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.07.46 am
Fool’s Assassin
Strange the Dreamer
A Quiet Kind of Thunder
Queens of Geek

My favourite genre is obviously fantasy! But I’m definitely expanding my horizons to look at other genres, like contemporary. I’ve given several 5 star ratings so far and I don’t usually do that unless I’m completely in love with a book! (I’m also actively reaching for books that are more diverse, and A Quiet Kind of Thunder was definitely one of those books!)


If you’ve been following my TBR lists, you’ll have noticed that I love participating in readathons because it really gets me motivated! I’ve done TomeTopple, AVAReadathon, TBRTakedown and DAReadathon so far this year and loved them! 

I am eagerly awaiting Cramathon, which I think is an end of year readathon, and also SlayThatSeries. Plus there may be a few Harry Potter ones, which is perfect because I want to read the illustrated editions! 


  • Minimise my physical TBR pile. Unhaul and read my priority books (the ones listed above). 
  • Only choose two definite books (or less) for monthly TBR lists. Too many is overwhelming and then I put them off, or get upset I can’t read fast enough. I don’t know if I can do this in 2017, I’m overloaded. But I’ll try for 2018. 
  • Read 80 books in total in 2017.
  • Finish & review all of my solicited books from publishers. 
  • Keep my Project 5 restriction as low as possible. Less than 20 behind is what I want to be on by December. Ideally I’d go for 0, but ya know, I can’t work miracles. XD 

And there you go. I think that’s it (for now)! I’m already creating a 2018 goals post based on thoughts I’ve had about my reading so far! I’m slowly adding to it & I’ll share it at the end of the year (probably December).

Let me know if you’ve got any goals! Do you have a Goodreads challenge? Do you unhaul books? What book will you read next? Let me know in the comments! ❤


11 thoughts on “Mid-Year Reading Update

  1. Ignoring your haul (which has been awesome so far!) you’re doing well in reading terms! And it looks like you’re on top of your review books too! And yay for unhaul! I want to unhaul as well, because there are lots of books that I haven’t touched since 2015. I’m also thinking about doing a post like this aha

    1. Yes yes do a post like this too!! 😀
      Unhauls are beautiful, they feel so good. Can’t wait to do one hehe. Thank you for your comment. ❤ ❤

  2. Be savage with your unhaul yessssss (I really need to do a savage one like I’ve already got about 20 to unhaul but I know I can add more if I’m really reckless lmao)
    I definitely agree with the max of 2 tbr books for the month! I get way too overwhelmed if I set a higher goal, so most of the time I just don’t bother with it bc too much stress.
    Loved your mid-year update, though! Can’t wait to see your end of year one (esp with all those hauled books hehe)!

    1. Yessss do it tooooo. It’s gonna be so good, oh man. I bet it’ll be hard, too. Because I need to convince myself to let go. XD
      I have too many books I want to pick up so 2 a month is a bit wishful at the moment, but it’s what I’m aiming for! ❤ I can't wait to see your mid-year post, too!! And yes… I'm terrified of how many books I would have hauled by the end of the year. Oh boy. I guess we'll find out haha!

  3. Eeeee! I think project 5 has definitely helped you I mean I’m sure you’ve turned down a ton of books you would usual buy on a whim, I know I have.
    Man all I want is to finish all the books on my shelf but it’s like read 1 and 2 more appear in its place. It’s going to be hard but I think I’m going to unhaul whatever I dont get to this year/ I just dont see myself becoming interested in.
    I just finished Red Rising and it’s good! I think you’re going to really like it 🙂 Great update ❤

    1. Yes exactly, I’ve turned down heaps of books!!! But what everyone sees are the books I’ve accumulated so… there is actual progress. I think. XD
      I’m so excited for Red Rising, especially after hearing how much you loved it!! And yes I suffer from shelf book spawn too they just keep appearing?!

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