The Color Project – Review (spoiler free)

Thank you Sierra for inviting me to be part of The Color Project’s blog tour! ❤


Bernice Aurora Wescott has one thing she doesn’t want anyone to know: her name. That is, until Bee meets Levi, the local golden boy who runs a charity organization called The Color Project.

Levi is not at all shy about attempting to guess Bee’s real name; his persistence is one of the many reasons why Bee falls for him. But while Levi is everything she never knew she needed, giving up her name would feel like a stamp on forever. And that terrifies her.

When unexpected news of an illness in the family drains Bee’s summer of everything bright, she is pushed to the breaking point. Losing herself in The Color Project—a world of weddings, funerals, cancer patients, and hopeful families that the charity funds—is no longer enough. Bee must hold up the weight of her family, but to do that, she needs Levi. She’ll have to give up her name and let him in completely or lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

CaptureTitle: The Color Project

Author: Sierra Abrams

Pages: 464

Genre: contemporary

Release Date: July 18, 2017
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My thoughts 

Things you should know about The Color Project.

  • It was flipping adorable (aaaaaaah)
  • It made me cry but it was SO CUTE TOO eeeep!

I connected immediately with Bee, our protagonist. She’s working at a florist, taking a gap year, when her car tyres malfunction. Bee’s voice was instantly relatable and engaging and it was so easy to settle into her perspective. She was emotive, funny, but anxious and real, too.

Safe to say I fell in love with Levi a little bit myself, as well. I mean, as the synopsis says, he runs The Color Project, which is a charity. HE RUNS A CHARITY AT NINETEEN. He is the epitome of having a heart of gold. I loved him. And he wasn’t just this perfect pretty-boy love interest either, he had backstory and family and emotion. I adored him, wanted to shake him, and wanted to ruffle his hair. Who wouldn’t? DON’T JUDGE ME.

I promise my emotions make sense, I just can’t tell you why without spoiling you. Please, grab a doughnut, and read this book. Go now, go go.

The love interest and the adorableness weren’t the only things that made this book so great though: it was family. Bee and her family are so loving, supportive and caring of each other and it really resonates; I felt so warm reading about them all, they settled in my heart and made it full.

And then it broke me. This book made me cry. It was full of support and wisdom, cute flirting, and character connections that were so loyal and strong. It was beautiful.

I loved the banter with Bee and her family! I loved the relationship between her and Levi, it was so new and sweet. Nearing the end, I wanted to shake them both, but the ending was a positive one so I’m very, very glad I kept reading through my teary eyes.

The Color Project was so endearing, sweet, emotional and heartwarming. I connected with Bee, Bee’s family, Levi and all of the characters immediately. Contemporary isn’t usually my go-to genre, but this book was such a sweet delight. Definitely give it a go if you want an emotional, doughnut-filled read. ❤


4.5 / 5 stars

Thank you Sierra for sending me an e-arc of The Color Project to read and review! 


14 thoughts on “The Color Project – Review (spoiler free)

    1. You probably will! Don’t read the last section when you’re out, that’s for sure. (Like I did. I had to hold back tears haha!)

  1. AWWW! I wanna ruffle his hair too, the Color project was one of my fave things and I loved Levi so much, sweet, gentle boy ❤ Great review I agree donuts and tissues are a must xD

  2. Any book that makes me want doughnut is definitely the book for me – haha! The Color Project has been under my radar for quite some time but I still have yet to fish it out of my brimming TBR pile, but now I’m super intrigued!
    Thank you for the excellent review Bect!
    I look forward to more posts from you in the future… Happy Reading! 😀

    1. It’s honestly such a cute, engaging but realistic book! Definitely very quick, too, so perfect for grabbing off your TBR and quickly slaying hahaha! I hope you get to read it (and love it) soon! ❤

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