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Readathon: #TheReadingQuest

This readathon post will basically be my August TBR. So, let’s jump into it!

The board is below, all rules and instructions can be found on Aentee’s blogRead at Midnight. Sign up ends on August 13!

I’m going to be a Mage. ❀ (Left side down.)


All art by


So here’s my TBR to match the challenges!

The first book in a series:
Heart of Mist, by Helen Scheuerer. I’m reading this e-ARC anyway so I may as well add it. It’s a LoveOzYA fantasy debut, so far it’s intriguing and it’s surprised me and I’m really enjoying it!

A book set in a different world:
Blackwing, by Ed McDonald. The synopsis starts off with this: “Set on the ragged edge of a postapocalyptic frontier, Blackwing is a gritty fantasy debut about a man’s desperate battle to survive his own dark destiny…” So basically, FANTASY, MY JAM. I have no idea whether I’ll get to this one, but it’s definitely on my radar! It came out July 27, so it’s pretty dang spankin’ new. 

A book based on mythology: 
Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan. I’m behind on Riordan and he keeps releasing books, HALP. His books are usually fast-paced and PACKED with mythology, so definitely ticked this box. 

A book that contains magic:
Daughter of the Burning City, by Amanda Foody. A blind girl creating illusions, then one of them is murdered? Plus it’s a fantasy book? This fits the prompt to a tee. Plus it’s sitting on my TBR pile of books to review so HANDY! 

A book with a one word title: 
Skitter, by Ezekiel Boone. I’ve been dragging my knuckles reading book 1, The Hatching. So hoping I get through book 1 and make a little dent in Skitter! These books have been a weight on my TBR conscience, I really need to finish & review them: spiders, apocalypse, hoping they hook me sooooon. 


Potions – a book concocted by 2+ authors: 
Take Three Girls, by Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell & Fiona Wood. A YA feminist contemporary that interrogates cyber-bullying. Yaaas. I’m on the blog tour, so review will be up on Sep 11. 

I definitely have my work cut out for me. Especially when it comes to calculating my experience and health points at the end of the readathon, haha! πŸ˜€

I’m just doing this to conquer some of my unread books, but there are also prizes. You can find out how to add up points & participate here! I also may have some overhang into this TBR list from #TomeTopple, plus I’m reading Godsgrave too, sooo… SO MANY BOOKS!

If you’re joining in feel free to link your posts in the comments so I can see what you’re reading! If not, let me know what you plan to pick up in August?

Until next time! ❀


13 thoughts on “Readathon: #TheReadingQuest

  1. Ooh I didnt realise Heart of Mist was a fantasy Loveozya! Can’t wait to see what you think of it, same with Daughter of the burning city the cover is beautiful but I’m scared of all this carnival stories after Caraval xD

    Godsgrave AHH So happy you won it, I’m hoping my copy comes soon so i can dive into the world again. Good luck with all these, you can smash it ❀

    1. YUS and it’s actually really good, I am quite enjoying it so far. πŸ˜€
      Look I also have trust issues with carnival books but I am trying to remain optimistic ahaha! YAS I can’t wait for you to read it so we can FREAK OUT TOGETHERRRR!

  2. Good luck with all the read-athons!! You have an awesome TBR planned so hopefully that will get you through πŸ™‚

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