Readathon: Tome Topple!


Just a quick readathon post! I wasn’t going to participate but I blame Casey for making me want to join in, ha. 😀


1. Read more than 1 tome
2. Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages!)
3. Read a tome that is part of a series
4. Buddy read a tome
5. Read an adult novel

November 17-November 30, 2017

Okay now onto my TBR! I don’t know why I make TBRs, I don’t stick to them like I want to, but I’ll definitely be sticking to one of these titles! (Audiobooks for the win.)

The Name of the Wind – by Patrick Rothfuss 
This book is one of my ABSOLUTE favourite novels, I read it in 2015 and I need everyone else to get onto it!!! Only problem is, it’s been 10 years and Pat Roth hasn’t written the third book. I am fine. The story is still beautiful though and I am ADORING the audiobook! 
Basically, here’s what you need to know: Kvothe (say “Quothe”) is an innkeeper, he’s telling his story to a Chronicler. Magical academy. He’s a genius. Demons. Magic, science. MUSIC. Go read it, yes, now. 

800~ pages

name of the wind

Oathbringer (book 3) – by Brandon Sanderson 
Book 3 in the Stormlight Archive series and MY MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF THE YEAR!!! Except, because of work, I haven’t had ANY time to read it thoroughly. I’m considering lending my whopping paperback (at 1,300+ pages) to my boyfriend while I commandeer the audiobook. Hmmm. If you want an overview of the Stormlight world I give a bit of spoiler free insight here! My fave fantasy series. Brandon pumps books out like a conveyor belt. I love it. *side eyes Patrick Rothfuss*

1300~ pages

Both of these are adult high fantasy books, plus they’re parts of series, AND they’re both 500+ pages. So I think the challenges are MOSTLY spoken for. I don’t usually do buddy reads and I have no graphic novels (currently) to match the prompt!

Are you participating? Let me know below! ❤




10 thoughts on “Readathon: Tome Topple!

  1. YES JOIN! BREAK UNDER THE PEER PRESSURE XD I so need to read Name of the Wind I have a feeling im going to love it a lot and hey I already have one unfinished whens it going to be finished fantasy series might as well add in another one.

    1. Out of the frying pan, into the fire of unfinished series, am I right? Why not. *shrug*
      It’s so beautiful I’m just going to reread it forever to be honest.

  2. I have so many giant fantasy novels on my TBR, I wish I’d known about this readathon sooner! It’s perfect for me! If I didn’t have annoying real life adulting things that I had to do this week (I’m actually busy for once, wtf is this) I’d join in a heart beat.

    Good luck smashing through these bricks of books!

    1. I know the feeling – how’d we get so busy?! It’s a recurring readathon, usually happens twice a year, so keep an eye out! If you can’t squeeze into this one, you can likely jump on board with the next round! 😀

  3. XD I seriously need to read The Name of the Wind.. but I refuse to wait ages for the final book (assuming the third will be the last book?) like I will have to for The Winds of Winter for George R.R. Martin </3 😛 so it's on hold.

    1. You do! Honestly, just read it. I made the mistake of waiting a year to read it and it’s become a favourite. I wish I’d picked it up sooner! ❤

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