Readathon: Munches in March!

Hey everyone! I thought I’d pop a little readathon into March, integrate the prompts into my current reading to challenge myself a bit more. I found this readathon on LittleBookOwl’s blog. ❤

What is it?
Munches in March is a month-long readathon where you attempt to complete at least one ‘bingo’ row using the challenges on a bingo card.

1st – 31st March

There are sets of challenges, see link at the end of my post for more! The ones I’m participating in are below. (I’ve forgone the bingo card but adopted the challenges, shhh.)

Just a few books on my TBR at the moment…

SPAGHETTI – a possible 5 star rating?

Hero of Ages, the third Mistborn book. Allomancers, mistings, mistborn, all can ingest metals and have control over subsequent powers. The first book tackles overthrowing the ruler of an empire of slavery; it’s a fantasy heist book with the best pay-off at the end. I’m listening to the audiobooks and I’m planning on getting to this in March!

FRENCH FRIES – a book in a genre you always enjoy?

A genre I almost ALWAYS enjoy is fantasy and that’s what genre Tamora Pierce’s new book is, Tempests and Slaughter. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get to it but it looks like a punchy, intriguing fantasy YA so I’m pumped for it.

HOT CHOCOLATE – will likely make you warm and fuzzy inside?

Uh, none of my reads are usually very fluffy and happy. What does that say about me? HA. I prefer gnarly, sometimes gory, fantasy. But I do love a good contemporary now and then. I’m in the midst of reading a manga series called Ouran High School Host Club, where a scholarship student Haruhi stumbles into a fancy rich club at her new school and accidentally breaks an $80,000 vase. She joins the club to pay off her debt. It’s a comedy/romance series and I’m loving it!

ICE CREAM – concerning heartbreak?

Honestly Obsidio will probably break me and my heart too. So that’s my immediate thought for this prompt.

And that’s it from me! At least for now. 😀

Are you participating in any readathons in March? Let me know if you are!


3 thoughts on “Readathon: Munches in March!

  1. obsisio! I actually ate ben and jerrys icecream while reading and stabbing the cookie dough bits out really did help XD This readathon is awesome and the prompts are the best. I hope you love all of these I’m excited to read Mistborn soon!

    1. HA. XD
      I just ate a cookie in preparation. Why must I have yoga on Tuesday nights?! I won’t get to the rest of the beauty that is Obsidio until tomorrow and I’m 400 pages in aaaahhhh!!!!! I hope you enjoy Mistborn. Would definitely rec it as a starting point for Sanderson. 😀

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