About Me

Hi there!

My name’s Bec, I’m 25, and I started blogging in October 2016. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. ❤

I started initially on instagram (@becklepanda) taking photos of, and talking about, books. AND THEN IT GREW. I am now a perpetual online bookish presence, particularly when it comes to fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, and comics. (And just twitter in general, I live there, join me.)

If I’m not tweeting, talking about books, working or sleeping… I’m buying blackmilk clothing. So you’ll definitely see a post or two about that. (Look them up, trust me, you will not regret. Shhh, ignore your bank account’s protests.) 

Here is my Twitter, so feel free to follow and chat to me there! I have a youtube (booktube) channel here too.

I should mention my studies, because I feel that feeds into my writing capabilities! I’ve completed two degrees at university, one at bachelor level and one at honours level: Professional and Creative Writing and Literary Studies, Honours.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Feel free to drop me a comment on one of my posts, or on my social media, or my youtube, I’d love to hear from fellow bookworms. ^_^

Please note: I generally do not accept ebooks for review. Thank you for understanding. 

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